Tourism in South-East Asia

The southeast Asian Tourism Organization (SEATO), made in 2009 with the cooperation of government and non-government associations, intends to increase inputs to tourism and disperse its financial impacts in order that they create in roads into smaller villages, towns and cities which aren’t on the global tourism map.

South east Asia is a range of similar, yet dissimilar nations and island states juxtaposed between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

There’s a reason that South-East Asia is probably ssru of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world; infact there are several reasons. Tropical and balmy climates year round, vibrant culture and friendly peoples, pristine and beautiful expanses of shores, completely lip-smacking and flavorful restaurants and varied wild life are some aspects that have made this possible. Top this with exemplary airline and travel options, a broad array of accommodation places round every location category and best of all, rates and prices that vary between the luxury to the cheapest, and you have a winning combination that spells success!


A study by traveling advisories highlights that five of those ten cheapest tourist destinations can be found in Asia, namely southeast Asia. The findings have been arrived at based on variables like:

• One night stay in a 4star hotel
• Two course dinner with a Wine
• Pre-dinner cocktails
• Two Way taxi transport airport to hotel

The 5 cities are, rated in first, second, third, fifth and eighth spots in the Top Ten will be the following:

1. Hanoi
2. Beijing
3. Kuala Lumpur
5. Jakarta

Pointers to History

Several of the south east Asian countries have a strong’Indianized’ connection; prehistoric South-East Asia was a largely unified mainland. Over centuries with the dividing of those continents, property bulk revolved around the Indian Ocean forming newer states and island nations like Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand However, the populace of these nations happened largely as a result of migrations by India, clear because it’s from common languages, cuisines, religions, apparel fashions and lots of others. Archipelagoes like East Timor, Philippines, etc. . thought to have split from mainland China and Taiwan.

There Are Numerous prominent places dotting South-East Asia that may be identified with Multicultural economies, politics and lifestyles however some of the most prominent of these, with a blend of the ancient and modern, are:

• Ho Chi Minh City (previously Called Saigon) – Vietnam’s largest city and also a power economical center

• Jakarta – a intermingling of this old and new and also an emerging metropolis in Indonesia

• Kuala Lumpur – once a tired tin mining village, today a completely contemporary city and a highly popular tourist destination

• Luang Prabang – a former French colony and ex-capital town of Laos, today a UNESCO World Heritage Centre to Safeguard its temples and also the architecture of this colonial age

• Manila – a friendly city and the heart of growth in Philippines

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