Natural Deodorant Alternatives to Help With Your Sweating Problem

Underarm perspiration is a problem that seems to not go away. Deodorants and antiperspirants off the shelf are in many cases the only solution that seems to be offered to those with underarm sweating. What happens when many of these products don’t work or you find yourself allergic to them?

Deodorants and antiperspirants work for some people but they do have their drawbacks. Many make the armpit feel moist all day long from the moment it’s put on in the morning. They can stain clothing. They can ball up and make the arm uncomfortable. Some people are also allergic to the chemicals in these products meaning that they are not a good solution.

There are natural deodorant alternatives that can help with these issues natural deodorant.

Rock salt deodorants help many people with traditional deodorant problems. These are fairly inexpensive and have a long shelf life. Many believe the natural minerals in this type of deodorant helps the sweating issue better than traditional deodorants with the various chemicals in them. Some believe they are healthier because what makes up the rock salts are natural ingredients as opposed to laboratory chemicals.

Other natural deodorants are limes and vinegars. These can be applied to the armpit when it’s completely dry. After the substance dries off, it works like a deodorant. Don’t use a towel to dry it off and don’t wear a shirt till it’s dried else it can stain clothing.

Avoiding foods can help with the smell of armpit odor. Garlics and onions for example make odor smell much worse. You don’t want these foods to cause problems.

Other alternatives are to just reduce overall sweating. Drinking more water and a better diet for example can help the body more efficiently deal with heating and cooling. Losing a bit of weight will help you cool down and sweat a little bit less.

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