Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Play Your Hole Cards Properly

One of the most important Texas Hold Em Poker tips you can learn is how to play your pockets properly. Making a mistake here will have you losing from the start, and you don’t want to lose do you?

There are many aspects that make up a great Hold Em Poker player. The game is so simple and yet so complex Online betting malaysia.

Though it never surprises me when new players skip through the basics and head straight for the advanced section, learning all about the Independent Chip Model and how to perform a double-blind-over-the-top-aggressive-bluff-all-in-purple-elephant before they even know which hole cards are better than which.

You’re not going to make that mistake though, because you’re going to read this whole article on how to play your hole cards properly.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Keep It Slow, Silly

I modified the good old KISS saying to get a point across. The first thing you have to remember about Texas Holdem Poker is that on the good days and bad days, solid tight play can be slow.

Sometimes really slow. Sometimes snail pace slow.

The key is to not play too many pots early on. You don’t want to get yourself into the pots that you have a marginal chance of winning. You only want to play the pots where you are the absolute favorite.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Don’t Be Duped By Aces

A massive mistake that you can easily avoid now you have learnt this is to not be tricked into thinking any ace pocket is a good ace.

A-6 to A-9 are the absolutely worse. A-2, A-3, A-4 and A-5 are a little better but seriously poor for what you really want. A-10 and above are OK.

Don’t be tricked into thinking an A-4 is a strong hand because it has an ace in it. And remember, A-9 can’t make a straight; the cutoff is A-10.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Wait For The Planets To Get Their Behinds In Line

Sometimes people say you have to wait for every planet to align before you ever get that perfect Holdem play. Well, I say wait for the planets to hurry up.

The main point I want to push here is that as well as great hole cards you need good position. Sure, pocket kings under the gun is a good hand but I’d much rather them up on the cutoff.

The key here again is the marginal hands. J-10 under the gun? I think I’ll fold. Q-10? I’m still folding. K-10? Those cards are being pushed into the middle.

However this is a completely different story just one or two positions up stream. That’s because your position is going to have just as much impact to your overall success as the actual cards you’re playing.

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