Working For A Living Vs Being Your Own Boss – Who Wins?

In all reality, there are pros and cons with working for a living and being your own boss. It all comes down to your comfort level. Some people like to feel secure and protected so although they will never make the amount of money that a successful entrepreneur makes, they like the idea of have a stable check come in. Other people like the idea of building their own empire from scratch and living the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy. Even though they face the risk of their huge company or small business crashing, they enjoy the freedom they have as far as calling their own shots.

In my humble opinion, I believe being your own boss is the way to go. More specifically, starting your own company from the comfort of your own home. As of 2017, there is an infinite amount of ways to make money. Whether that is selling stuff you do not need anymore on networks like eBay or playing video games all day collecting coins online and selling those coins on networks like the PlayStation network or Xbox network.

In my experience I believe the easiest way to make money is to work in your pajamas with a home business opportunity. However, I must be completely honest, home business opportunities have an extremely high failure rate because the owners are not educated properly. To have a successful home business or any success in life, you must be properly educated and you must work hard everyday to become better at what you are doing.

When it comes to most home business opportunities, there are no limitations as far as financial growth. To put it in a nutshell, depending on the opportunity you join, you will be responsible for selling distinct products or services to the masses and your pay will depend on how successful you are in selling those products or services.

Now when it comes to working for a living, the chances of you earning a healthy and living a lifestyle in which you have a lot of freedom is extremely low. You basically dedicate on average 8 hours of your life daily to your employer.

In addition, you may have a more difficult time balancing you work and personal life. Because 8 or more hours are sacrificed five days a week, you might not have time to visit any PTA meetings at your son’s or daughter’s school. Furthermore, your romantic life may suffer because you live a routine everyday that is centered around going to work, coming home to do little chores; like cooking and cleaning, and lastly going to sleep.

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