Poker Chip Cases: Aluminum, Wood, or Acrylic

Poker chip cases come in many different fabrics, styles and price ranges. With a few poker chips become a large expenditure, it only makes sense to protect them from damage and theft. If you’re one of those thousands that like to play premium poker chips, then the option of exactly what poker chip instance you use makes a big difference to youpersonally. While others may think a shoe-box creates a nice chip case indeed, people who have made the significant investment of purchasing high chips like the more protective and secure alternatives which are readily available.

Form aforementioned benefits, processor cases additionally allow the owner to tell at a glance if any chips are missing after the chips are put away. This enables the master to account for the  esports betting chips before leaving or putting a way the gaming bits.

If you purchase chips that are premium, most vendors sell them at a brand new case. However, if you buy chips in majority, and need to get yourself a poker chip case to keep them , you might have a lot of choices, one of which will most certainly fit your needs. The plastic case is still on the low end of chip cases. It’s not lockable, that offers no security, plus it’s a short life span when used regularly. Vinyl chip cases are ideal to economical plastic chips that are used for friendly games among friends.

The following step up the ladder could be your plastic instance. The plastic case is usually made of wood, plastic or rigid cardboard covered with vinyl. The plastic instance may or may not need a locking mechanism. Durability is a major concern with vinyl cases. The weight of those poker chips has been known to induce the grips to come off throughout processor transport, inducing the chips within to spill and get damaged.

The most popular poker chip case definitely is the metal instance. These cases are manufactured from aluminum, and come in a number of styles and price ranges. The standard of alloy cases varies with all the style and manufacturer. Additionally, it is important to note that a few metal cases come with plastic or wood inserts, with a few springs covered with a material that is flammable. Metal cases are much more durable than the plastic or vinyl cases, and most all metal cases are tight, though perhaps not all.

The finest of the metal cases which are offered are assembled of aircraft grade aluminum. These situations incorporate removable flocked trays along with higher security barrel style locks. These top of the leading cases are machined from solid stock not to mention the very expensive poker chip carrying case.

The case is yet another chip case option. These cases come complete with custom brass fittings, and therefore are available in varied styles and price ranges. These cases might be created from the most popular walnut, into the extravagant exotic woods with inlayed gold and silver coins.

Much like many things in life, in regards to poker chip carrying cases, you get exactly what you pay for.