IST Dry Topped Purge Snorkel – It’s How a Dry Snorkel Should Be!

Back at the old days, snorkelers had to contend with U-shaped, rigid-tubed snorkels which didn’t in any way took into consideration user comfort and advantage at its own construction. The functionality of conventional, non-purge snorkels entailed intermittent blowing activity in order to eliminate excess water that normally flooding the tubular barrel in the behavior of snorkeling. Furthermore designed using a rigid (right) hose and rubber mouthpiece, user vexation and jaw fatigue was impending in the use of their rowing equipment.

An breakthrough product to KP-LOK purge valve   come out from the traditional line of snorkels could be the dry snorkel, that has been streamlined for user comfort while outfitted using a high-value valve that drastically prevents the entry of water into the tube. Planning to upgrade out of a semi-dry to an overall whole dry snorkel? The IST Dry Topped Purge Snorkel is still 1 scuba gear you definitely should sample! Featured below are the functional mechanics with this purposeful and modern snorkel.

Water Deflector Top. There is a good reason the IST Dry Topped Purge Snorkel is called dry. And that is because this specific scuba gear was designed to retain the insides of the barrel dry the majority of that time period – if not all the time! The snorkel has a self regulating, dry top mechanism that automatically shuts off whenever the snorkel becomes fully submerged in the water and consequently opens up on resurface. The system prevents the water entry into barrel and averts the user from inhaling or even swallowing seawater.

One Way Purge Valve. The IST Dry Topped Purge Snorkel comes with a purge valve located near to the mouthpiece that absorbs water out of the snorkel. With a purge valve, the consumer don’t need to be concerned about the odds of water hurrying into the snorkel. Not that there is much water getting into the barrel, even if you choose its water deflecting mechanism in consideration. If water accidentally get into the tube, then only move the Drain valve to clean water.

A significant part of the snorkel may be your flexible tube that feeds air to the snorkeler. Made of silicone, the elastic barrel is contoured in such a way to level off with the mind and guarantee optimal consumer comfort while the snorkel is firmly strapped to the mask’s 

Silicone Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece with this scuba gear can be made of silicone, which simply suggests prolonged bottom times, a longer serviceable lifetime for the snorkel and freedom from jaw or mouth distress as silicone is tender and pliant to start with.

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