Two Types of Lamp Shades

There are many different types of lampshades that are on the market today. Today we are going to be talking about glass shades and wicker shades.

If you would like to purchase or buy a glass shade then you will have many different options. The first type of glass lamp shade that we will be talking about today is the Tiffany lamp. These are among the most beautiful and most exclusive in the world. They can be made to look like dragonflies or butterflies or even flowers and fruits. Louis Tiffany, one of the sons of the famous Jeweler Charles Tiffany, first made these beautiful lamps. These lamps are made from the discarded pieces of glass that are found in the Tiffany and Co manufacture plants. After Louis Tiffany collected the glass shards he would use his artistic ability to form them into beautiful glass creations. fabrics supplier of lamp shade These beautiful lampshades can be in the price range of any where in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. These are becoming increasing rare as some break with accidents and deterioration of time.

Wicker lamp shades another type of shade that is becoming increasing popular in the shopping network of the consumer. One of the reasons that these are becoming so popular is that they can be made very easily into any position that one would think of or desire. Another reason that one would want to select a wicker made lamp shade would be because of the many different colors that they can be made to look like. The reason that this possible is because they are very easily bleached. Which in turn makes it easy to dye them any color afterward.

Of course there are many other different types of shades that go on lamps but these are just some of the possible shades that can be outfitted on your lamp.

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